Yunnan crown morning trailer co., LTD
Crown morning trailer co., LTD. Is located in kunming in yunnan,Covering an area of nearly3000Square meters,Is the collection design、Manufacturing、In home installation of light steel structure board for the integration of professional company,Annual production capacity of installation30Million square meters。In the west of the cloud、Expensive、Sichuan provinces removable houses on the market was well received by the user,Made a good reputation in the industry。My company to create“Crown morning trailer”Department staff set thought essence,Formed a set of prefabricated housing design、Manufacturing、Installation in a body's high level of one-stop service system。 The company has professional designers and technicians several people for many years engaged in the industry。The company management system strictly,Adhering to the“People-oriented、Pragmatic、Innovation”The enterprise policy,Stick to it“Unity、Professional dedication、Innovation”The spirit of enterprise,To follow“Give priority to quality、The supremacy of credibility”Business enterprise aim,Forge ahead,Adopts the unique process technology,Production of the beauty is generous,Many times the turnover use finalize the design production...
  • Baoshan trailer
    Baoshan trailer
  • Lijiang trailer
    Lijiang trailer
  • Lincang trailer
    Lincang trailer
  • Pu 'er trailer
    Pu 'er trailer
  • Zhaotong trailer
    Zhaotong trailer
  • Qujing trailer
    Qujing trailer
  • Yuxi trailer
    Yuxi trailer
  • Peace trailer
    Peace trailer
  • Chuxiong trailer
    Chuxiong trailer
  • Lum trailer
    Lum trailer
  • Diqing trailer
  • Nujiang trailer
  • Wenshan trailer
  • Honghe trailer
  • Mengzi trailer
  • An old mobile home
  • Open trailer
  • Jinghong trailer
  • Dehong trailer
  • Dali trailer
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